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  1. Aaron Rabbi! Aaron Rabbi! Aaron Rabbi!

    I know you have had him on a few times. A few is NOT enough!

    I’d love an in-depth discussion on intersectionality. I know you’ve touched on the subject before, but an long interview with an expert on the subject would be awesome!

      1. Podcast addict worked! Thank you so much! For the written record: Stitcher, Castbox, and Podcast Go are all duds for the premium RSS feed for me, in case anyone else runs into this.

  2. Are you planning to finish your multiple part dissection of the Red Pill documentary/advert? I really really enjoyed the first one. It was great to talk about and I feel like since you’re about to do an interview with Tom Curry about that Facebook post that blew up, it would be good timing. (Tom is an excellent example of a feminist who cares about issues that disproportionately effect men)

  3. I would really like an interview with James Hughes (a sociologist and bioethicist) from the IEET, a technoprogressive thinktank about biopolitics/transhumanism (lots of words I know).

    – biopolitcs = emerging 3rd spectrum on the politcal compass. liberal to conservative on biotech and human enhancements etc
    – technoprogressive = liberal end of social//economic/biopols spectrums, rejecting the anti-science, luddite, anti-biotech part of the left. Its optimistic about technologies potential to improve the world, but acknowledges that risks and consequences etc must be acknowledged, and the benefits shared equally

    I think you and James would have an interesting chat, you can talk about the future of politics and how libertarians ruin every subculture they are in 😉

    https://ieet.org/index.php/IEET2/biopolitics (graphic overview)
    https://ieet.org/index.php/tpwiki/Biopolitical (wiki)
    https://ieet.org/index.php/tpwiki/Technoprogressivism/ (wiki)
    http://www.ieet.org/images/uploads/2009TPBioethics.pdf (longer read, nice 3d political spectrum picture)

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