New Members Only Facebook Group!

Hey everyone,

Since the Opening Arguments Facebook group has been so much fun, I’ve decided rather than trying to build any sort of forum thingy on here, I’d rather just have a private Facebook group for members only! If you’d like to join, hop over here:

It asks you what email you used here, so that I can cross reference and only accept you awesome people who are website supporters!

I really think it will be fun and the easiest way to run stuff by you and post updates and polls and what-not. I’m excited! Hop on over!!


Let’s Talk About That Interview….

Did you check out the terrible interview in the bonus RSS feed? I’m really curious to hear your thoughts.

Annoying tech side-note: This isn’t the actual post for the RSS feed, as you can see. I wanted to make that one available for comment but if I do, then everyone can see it. When I tried to make it for Members Only, then the RSS did this annoying thing where the description said “You must be logged in” despite the fact that I was clearly logged into the RSS feed. So, my workaround is to keep that post hidden (so the grimy plebes can’t access it for free) and to do this post instead where we can all vent about that horrific interview.

For me it just got absolutely hilarious how no matter what Carl said, that’s cool because there’s some explanation for it, but if I said “You’re awful” that’s what warrants condemnation. I’M THE PROBLEM.