10 Replies to “Any Requests for Improving the Website Experience?”

  1. Is there a comment thread for the member-only podcast episode? (The. Interview. With. The. Guy. Who. Spoke. As. If. Every. Word. Was. Its. Own. Sentence.)

  2. So far so good (it’s literally been less than 2 minutes) but I have a suggestion if possible…

    I don’t see an option to specify your own amount for the monthly payment. When Patreon was going to fuck us I made it an even $10 dollars an episode with a $10 cap per month. I kind of would like that option if it’s not too much trouble.


    1. Thanks for jumping on! Yeah unfortunately I’m not able to do that. It’s possible I can work with people on a one on one basis if they’d like to contribute some amount that isn’t listed. So, to anyone else reading this and that’s something you’re interested in, feel free to email! But it’s me doing it on the backend on an individual basis.

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