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  1. Excellent question, you handsome devil. Patreon’s recent poor decision making has left me feeling incredibly vulnerable to their whims. If not this time, next time a decision they make could cost me my job, essentially. Subscribing through this website both results in more of the contribution actually going to me, and it also makes the podcast more resilient in the face of whatever weird thing Patreon chooses to do next. Thank you so much for considering!

  2. Great answer. You’re very handsome as well! Second question, is this website as secure as Patreon? How are you processing payments and can I feel just as confident here as I was on Patreon?

  3. In my opinion, absolutely. I’m using the exact same payment processor as Patreon, which is Stripe. So your payment info isn’t something that I have any access to. It’s all through Stripe’s gateway.

  4. Hey, just a note for anyone in the process of moving from Patreon. Patreon will charge you for any pending episodes when you delete your pledge. So, make sure you delete your pledge promptly to avoid feeling double charged for an episode. Or don’t, because weren’t some of the recent episodes doubly good? 🙂

  5. Whoa they do? I did not know that. Shoot I was figuring people would just cancel over there and not get double charged, thank you for telling me. I am going to announce in the main show tonight so I’ll make sure to hit that point. If people want to wait until January to move, I definitely have no problem with that!

  6. They do, at whatever level you were supporting when the episode was posted. It really isn’t a problem as long as you delete your pledge at the same time as you subscribe here, because you can just think of the sub here as the month between billings, rather than the month of Dec, Jan, or whatever. If Patreon hadn’t billed me, and I unsubscribed after a month, you’d never really have been paid for those episodes.

  7. Yup, I had that too. I didnt mind Thomas getting an additional buck, but I hope patreon doesnt keep it for themselves…..

  8. I moved over from Patreon, but my payment history here has just shown the payment as “pending” for a week now. My credit card hasn’t been charged. What’s up with that? Please process the payment — the card is totally valid, it will go through.
    And then will I find out what the supporters’ RSS feed is? I can’t seem to find it anywhere here, but maybe I just can’t see it b/c of the payment thing.

  9. Yes Danielle, I tried to email you at the address provided in the website and it came back undeliverable. Let me know where I can contact you!

  10. I just received an email saying my Brunswick had expired, and everything is *blocked at your level” on this site.

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