SIO98: Republicans Don’t Care About You

…unless you’re a bazillionaire or a bank or some other corporation. I talk about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the brainchild of one future president Elizabeth Warren – and that the only reason you could possibly be against it is if you hate people and prefer banks. So, naturally the Republicans are against it. Then I’m onto another rousing voicemail segment that takes up most of the show because I love hearing from you and engaging your arguments and criticisms!

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One Reply to “SIO98: Republicans Don’t Care About You”

  1. The episode with Lonnie is a microcosm of Post-Truth Trumpistan. He has a lot to teach us if we’ll listen to him and think about what he says. When I was working, I knew MANY Lonnies. The place I retired from had fewer than 10 self-identified progressives and approximately 170 Lonnies. And in my experience, that was (is?) typical of the aerospace/defense biz. He is the person we have to convince to vote for our side. Yep, that’s right.

    As far as I can tell, people like Lonnie make up just under half of the voting public, but . . . Their side gets a LOT of help from the corporate oligarchy and sycophantic Republican legislatures and judges. While there are actually a few more of us, we need to turn out in droves to nullify the Electoral College juggernaut. If we don’t, or if there are third party people running, the Lonnies of the world take it again, because they stand by their man to a man.

    We need to find a away to get Lonnie and friends to vote for Elizabeth Warren, who they refer to as “Pocahontas.” My intuition is that we won’t even try. When we try to explain to them how Warren’s CFPB works for them, they will come back with, “Well, you know Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered, don’t you?” To win in 2020 we’re going to need a caliber of leadership that certainly doesn’t exist in the DNC at this time, and may no longer exist at all.

    The meaninglessness of the Lonnie episode dialog is actually meaningful. That’s what we’re up against.

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