SIO97: Lonnie Miller, Republican Candidate for TN Governor

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, during which you no doubt spent hours arguing with your conservative family members, I bring you a discussion with a Trump supporting Republican. Though undoubtedly a gigantic underdog, Lonnie Miller is making a grassroots effort to become Governor of Tennessee. We talk about how he decided to do that, and we have some cross-political dialogue and the electoral college, healthcare, and taxes.

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Kirk Smith
Boy, that guy is drunk on Republican flavored Kool-Aid. There wasn’t a lot of disagreement because Lonnie doesn’t know what he thinks. He hates Hillary the Criminal (and probably, by extension, Obama) and he loves and has infinite faith in Trump, but when asked for particulars all you get is dust bunnies and dryer lint. Which is what the GOP’s come up with so far to replace the ACA. As above so below. Places like Tennessee and Alabama can afford to support Trump. Per-capita-wise there are probably very few people in places like that who have ever itemized their deductions.… Read more »

It is scary how he does not know how federal income tax would affect folks in his state. He obviously did not understand the impact of the proposed changes on graduate students, nor that there is a very large research university in Nashville, Vanderbilt University.

I am just worried because my youngest starts grad school next fall, and they do not have the resources to pay those proposed taxes.