SIO96: Franken Must Go; What Happened At Laurier University?

In the first part of this episode I do some followup on Monday’s show. There’s another Franken accuser (and another 2…) and there are some more points to be made. A woman tweeted that she didn’t care that men might be falsely accused, and the internet exploded. Did it matter that she clarified and apologized? Nah. Also, the process for dealing with sexual harassment in Congress is AWFUL.

Then at 27:30, I discuss the latest obsession of the free speech warriors, and that is a secretly recorded meeting in which a Laurier professor and some other admin scolded a grad student for showing a Jordan B. Peterson debate in a class. Here’s a reasonable breakdown of the facts. So is this a case of the free speech right losing their minds or the SJWs going out of control?

Full Audio; Laurier Apologies

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One Reply to “SIO96: Franken Must Go; What Happened At Laurier University?”

  1. The best possible motivation Shepherd could have for showing a JBP video for a grammar class would be to look edgy and cool in front of the students. The idea that she could be totally unaware of the context of the ideas she was presenting and the effects on the students is hard for me to believe. Whether she was willfully antagonizing her students or is a complete ignoramus, she is unqualified to be teaching.

    I didn’t hear anyone in the tape say that she couldn’t show the video at all, just that it was inappropriate to do so uncritically. Shepherd was given an opportunity to explain the context of her presentation in the grammar unit and all she could say is that “there is a debate going on”, and accuse them of coddling and shielding students from real-world ideas. Where have I heard that language before?

    All that plus the secret recording of her crying and playing dumb on everything? Good on her I guess, she probably already booked tucker, rubin, and has a patreon set up to suck up some of those delicious JBP dollars (CAD).

    Not that any of that excuses the professor and his buddies. They really took the bait and gave her and other MRA cronies what the wanted. Sounded like a bunch of jerks ganging up on a grad student even if they were mostly right. Seems maybe the prof was letting his TAs do too much of his work for him and had to scramble when some students got upset. I guess it’s good that her lesson plans will now be reviewed by a professor, odd that wasn’t happening before.

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