SIO92: Was the DNC Rigged?

It’s another topic decide by the fine folks over at! Donna Brazile made a huge stir with her article on claiming the DNC was rigged in favor of Hillary. She actually later walked back that language, but that didn’t stop an avalanche of accusations on both sides. I tried very hard to check all my biases and take a look at the evidence and see what really happened.

Intercept Article; 2015 Politico Article; 2016 Politico Article; 538 on Number of Debates; Politifact on DWS Claim; 2016 Dem Primary Polls; Vox Clinton Dem Victory Timeline; WaPo Brazile Walks Back Claim; Flaw in Brazile Argument; Joint Fundraising Agreement; Stephanie Zvan Piece; 538 System Isn’t Rigged Against Bernie; DNC Pledges to Change

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