SIO90: Uranium and #DARVO: An Epistemological Crisis

A listener sent me an email about a concept called DARVO. It’s a tactic abusers use and it’s shockingly exactly what Trump (and maybe a certain other someone we all know…) is doing. I talk about that and then look into some questions like, did Hillary give 20% of our Uranium to the Russians? Did the DNC and the HIllary campaign collude with Russia to fix the election? Then I talk about why we shouldn’t be talking about those questions…. It’s meta.

Medium Article Explaining DARVO; Fact checks on Uranium – 1, 2, 3, 4; WaPo on Clinton and Giustra; 2008 NYT on Kazakhstan Mining Deal; NYT 2015 on Uranium Deal; Clinton Foundation Money; Clinton Foundation Statement; Murdoch Outlets Bash Mueller; WaPo Dossier DNC Connection; Vox Epistemic Crisis

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2 Replies to “SIO90: Uranium and #DARVO: An Epistemological Crisis”

  1. What is happening here in the US is exactly what happened in Russia and Eastern Europe to put Putin in a position of absolute power in Russia. Anne Applebaum and Juliet Khayyam (and perhaps others) explained this at least a year ago. An undereducated populace, such as the American people or the folks in Eastern Europe, simply don’t have the attention span required to understand the truth. That’s why DARVO and it’s variants work so beautifully. We complain about Trump’s ignorance and immaturity, but if a significant majority of American people were rational, well educated, emotionally mature individuals, Trump’s tweets would fall on deaf “ears.” He can only be as effective as he is because, on average, we’re no better than him. We threw that baby out with the bathwater forty-odd years ago and we’re just now beginning to wonder what happened to it.

  2. Hi Thomas!
    I’ve been listening on/off to your various projects for years and enjoyed them (I especially enjoyed Two for flinching way back when and was sad when it was discontinued).

    I just wanted to comment that getting an interview about DARVO, if possible, sounds incredibly interesting. I would be very interested in hearing whether Freyd has thought of a broader applicability of the model than one-on-one violations – it sounds intuitive when you analyze Trump’s behavior but there is still quite a different between “one-on-one” and “one-on-one country”, so I think it would be cool to hear her thoughts on it.

    Looking forward to future episodes & keep up the good work.

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