SIO87: Eli Bosnick with Brian, Dmitry and not Sean from Mythicist Milwaukee

Well, here’s the terrible recording with Brian and Dmitry from Mythicist Milwaukee, but not their president and co-founder, Sean. Thanks to Eli for coming on. This will be the last episode dedicated to Mythicist Milwaukee.

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10 Replies to “SIO87: Eli Bosnick with Brian, Dmitry and not Sean from Mythicist Milwaukee”

  1. Wow.

    I can’t believe you guys actually released this.

    I didn’t think you could make yourselves look any worse after MM, but you somehow managed to do it.


    Try to save some face and just forget MM ever happened. Stop trying to “gotcha” everyone because you’re just making yourselves look like hypocrites.

    Guys, please just let it go.

  2. Thomas,

    I’ve listened to you since your very first episode. I’ve always appreciated your calmness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to think aloud, unedited, in your episodes. Sincerely, I’m jealous of that ability.

    In this episode, I get the feeling that you and Eli (Eli much more so) wanted an easy slam-dunk mic-drop, and in the most condescending way possible.

    I believe in benefit of the doubt, and it’s quite clear that you and Eli are hurt by these events – I can’t even imagine the sudden and unexpected public volume of trolling you’re receiving. Nobody deserves that, and I’m sorry you have to navigate it when you’d much rather focus on being a new father.

    I know you’re not proud of your outbursts, as you said at the top of the episode. I’m most shocked by Eli, who has a pattern of presenting leading questions that are impossible to answer with a simple yes or no – no matter how much he insists on that simplicity. His questions are seemingly intended to make the interviewee look foolish, packaged in such a way that he can backpedal and crutch on the exact vocabulary of his question while conveniently disregarding the tone.

    I’ve felt this way about Eli’s presentation for a while, and something about this episode made me finally comment after all these years of listening. That ‘something,’ I believe, was your lack of professionalism. No matter how wrong or unwilling your guests were to apologize, I think you and Eli should have showed them respect and courtesy – as Brian and Dmitry did throughout the episode (admittedly, I have 45min left). And even if they hadn’t, kindness goes a long way. I understand that Eli said this was ‘good faith’ at the top of the show, but it clearly wasn’t (even though he can reference that and insist he tried).

    I hope you believe me that I am a fan of the show since the Atheistically Speaking days (my brain still hasn’t adjusted to the intro saying ‘serious inquiries only’). Please take the critique as me hoping to continue listening to your show and see some more respectfulness from group interviews, especially including Eli.

  3. My view in this, is I’ve met women who no longer feel safe at Atheist conferences. Not because of this, but the history stuff that’s gone on in the very recent past.
    And this context plays into this conference. And the guys didn’t care.
    If anything, in the first 20 minutes the way the expressed themselves sounded like they were more excited to have an event that would drive interest.
    The way Brian asked that the question be phrased, it was almost servile in tone.

    On the other hand, I thought the entire pointless conversation was a waste.

  4. I think you did better in that than you give yourself credit for. The interviewees came across as deliberately obtuse, and their counter arguments were along the lines of “I know you are but what am I?” in response to serious challenges, whan it wasn’t sticking their fingers in tneir ears and yelling “I’m not listening!”

  5. Oh lordy!

    Why would you ever agree to appear on a show run by a thundercunt like Bearing?

    these people are just scum

  6. I’m a male and would not feel safe surrounded by people cheering at the mockery of a sexual assault victim.

  7. These guys have sat on the fence for so long that they’ve actually become emotionless pieces of wood.

  8. Holy shit. I’m listening to this, and 15 minutes in, I already want to scream. Why can’t they answer a question? Why are they so dishonest? How can they be fine with Sargon’s goons Cheering that fucking tweet??
    I’m feeling ya’lls frustration. Eli’s Bosnick is a Trooper. Fuck milwaukee. At this point I have no respect for them.
    I was excited about Thomas fucking up Sargon at milwaukee, and that ended up being garbage.
    I was excited about The Gaytheist interview to get some closure, and NOPE. Now here we are trying to talk to these people again.
    They can’t be intellectually honest. They’re Bunk. Thomas Smith keep up the good work. You’re the Anti to these people.
    You’re honest, and you care about being correct.
    Keep on truckin’.

  9. i predicted the events and fall out months ago. It was totally foreseeable that Thomas, normies that he is, wouldn’t be able to properly face off with someone like Sargon.

    You’ve gotta up uour game man. This has all been a really bad look for you.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone approach a conversation in less good faith than Eli does. It’s truly astounding. He poisons the dialogue from the jump every time and then asks disingenuously framed questions.

  10. Oh sure. Because a good look is when you tell a woman “I wouldn’t even rape you.”

    Nobody with an ounce of decency and basic humanity within them wants to look good to someone like you.

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