SIO83: Dr. Kristi Winters

Today I’m very pleased to bring you an interview with Kristi Winters! Kristi was perhaps the main driver behind the awareness campaign for just how awful Sargon is. But, there is so much misinformation out there about what exactly she did that even I was surprised by the full story, despite the fact that we were in semi-regular communication. You should definitely check out her youtube channel here!

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3 Replies to “SIO83: Dr. Kristi Winters”

  1. Just thought you should be informed that you all have been gas-lighting yourselves for months- no, YEARS. You don’t have an accurate view of reality. This is why so many people disagree with you. You’re looking at the world through oppression-tinted glasses. You seem unable to even consider the idea that perhaps you might be in the wrong. I’m a 25-year old, disabled woman. I agree with at least half of what Sargon says, and I enjoy his videos even when we disagree. I agree with much of what Bearing says (though I acknowledge that sometimes he says it in a mocking way), but I usually enjoy his videos even when we disagree. Neither of these men are misogynists. They just have a point of view with which you disagree, and a sense of humor you don’t understand. Neither of these make them bullies.

  2. I listened to Bearings reply to this podcasts, in which he makes the point that Ms Winters provides no evidence for her allegations. I’m sure you’ll agree he has a point there. And that this weakens both Ms Winters’ and your own arguments.

    Could you please provide the specific evidence, such as links to YouTube videos, the email that he sent, etc.

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