SIO8: Completely Unpresidented

It’s another Thursday full of inquiry! In this episode I discuss Trump’s inauguration and the obscene amount of money he’s collecting for it, as well as the congress persons boycotting it. Are they right to do so?

Next up are updates on Trump’s cabinet confirmation hearings. How are our favorite incompetents faring in congressional hearings?

And finally, I’ve got some great voicemails to react to. Thanks for those contributions! Included is one from a Republican atheist telling me why Trump won. Also, a listener commented that the far left is just as bad as the far right because of their anti-science positions. Do the numbers really bear that out? Here are some links I used to evaluate that:

GMOs, Vaccines, Climate Change

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On the boycott, in addition to the points mentioned in the episode, another important difference when republicans did it (to whatever extent they did), is that they questioned Obama’s legitimacy not just as the elected President, but as an American citizen. While they must have held idiosyncratic concerns about how his policies would affect their lives, valid or not (e.g., “death panels”), no serious person can pretend the Republican/Tea-Party response wasn’t largely influenced by race (it was somehow easy for them to view a black man as being “from somewhere else”), exploitative of racial anxieties (e.g., Trump claiming relevance as… Read more »


You asked about far left and far right. Then you use studies on attitudes of democrats and republicans to show the contrast. What the actual fuck? Those are not comparable things. Democrats are not a far left party, they are actually right of centre. They are only far left in comparison to where the base of the GOP is.

That was a completely unfair breakdown of her argument on the equality of damage the far left and far right could cause.

If you want to compare democrats and GOP that should be the question you ask.