SIO78: More of Trump’s Participation Trophies!

It’s another deep dive into Trump’s alleged accomplishments. This one covers fascinating and wide-ranging territory including immigration, the wall, regulations, coal miners, and more! I really do try to be as fair as possible. There are some things we can give Trump a bit of credit for. There are also outright lies and cons as well as idiotic misunderstandings on the part of the r/The_Donald listmaker.


11. Police killings in decline, executive order meaningless. 12. Redefining the wall, Deportation problems, Trump deportations. 13. Senate passes NCAA, NCAA above cap levels. 14. Lobbying ban waivers, more on that. 15. Cartels order is nothing. 16. Trump’s coal spin, Trump’s not bringing back coal jobs. 17. Carrier deal pointless, jobs numbers are fake!, nothing to do with Intel factory, softbank deal. 18. NATO speech upsets team, NATO increases pre-date Trump. 19. Trump scraps good regulations.

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