SIO76: Debunking Scott Adams on Trump

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, and he also happens to be a Trump apologist to end all Trump apologists. He thinks Trump is the greatest persuader of people that has maybe ever lived, and he thinks half the country is in a mass hysteria and cognitive dissonance for not realizing that fact. You might have heard him on Sam Harris’s podcast a while back and you might also have slammed your head into your desk a few times. In a couple recent blog posts, Scott references a list of Trump’s incredible achievements. He alleges that lefties like me won’t be able to fit this list into their worldviews and will have to pretend it doesn’t exist. Let’s see how this list holds up!

Scott Adams blog 1, 2, pipelines, 100 ways Trump is hurting women, the women’s council that is MIA, Trump’s 2 for 1 regulation thing sucks, Trump hasn’t followed through on HBCUs.

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