SIO72: But Didn’t Obama Pardon Terrorists?

Today I’m talking about the Arpaio pardon – how awful Arpaio is as a human, what he did that was so egregious, what he was found guilty of, and how he compares to some other historically bad pardons. Isn’t it true that Obama pardoned some people who were WAY WORSE??? I investigate. Also, some great voicemails allow me the chance to talk about my appearance on wethepeoplelive – Josh Zepps’ show – and the whitelash that resulted. Additionally, I need to correct some statistic related mistakes I made on Monday’s episode.

Master Tweet Thread of Arpaio Shittiness538 Article on the PardonWaPo Article on the PardonSlate Piece on Manning CommutationObama’s Clemency InitiativeForbes on Tech Job Deficit

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