SIO67: Andrew Torrez on The Crime Bill and Broken Window Theory

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Andrew Torrez of the impossibly famous podcast Opening Arguments is here to talk about the Crime Bill of 1994 and some surrounding issues! Hillary was blamed for supporting this bill, by Bernie Bros, despite the fact that she wasn’t in the Senate and the time and Bernie actually VOTED for the bill.

The conversation will be continued on tomorrow’s Opening Arguments Podcast because we’re doing a super cool crossover thingy!

Here is who voted on the crime bill:

 And here’s Bernie talking about the crime bill, it’s the third full paragraph that begins “The second bill….”

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3 Comments on "SIO67: Andrew Torrez on The Crime Bill and Broken Window Theory"

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St. Ralph
One reason we know we cannot believe what Hillary Clinton says is that she said in her own words in a speech to a Wall Street corporate crowd that “sometimes you have to have a public position on an issue and a separate private position.” That’s corruption, guys: Tell the public one thing then pander to paying corporate interests behind the scenes. That’s what corruption is, even if it’s our darling who’s doing it. Sounds like you’re polishing the odoriferous DNC strategy (the one that gave us the Trump administration) by villainizing Bernie Sanders and shifting the blame for Hillary’s… Read more »
Psycho Gecko
Corruption would be if Hillary Clinton had actually done anything corrupt. As it stands, a lot of people have bought into the Republican narrative that there’s just something wrong with her. It all started with the Clinton Killcount chain letter in the 90s. Apparently a lot of people believe they’ll be murdered by the ghost of one the “victims” if they don’t keep passing it along, since the same long-disproven accusations are thrown along today, along with ones of her being sick, or her somehow causing Benghazi, or whatever other Big Lie Republicans have gotten people to believe. Objectively, we’re… Read more »
Kirk Smith
You missed it entirely: The fact that Hillary was promising two different things to two different groups of people while taking large sums of money from one of them is the very definition of corruption. It’s what people call “being two-faced” or “talking out of both sides of your mouth.” Hillary is a very practiced liar, but that’s what politicians do. Politics is the science of lying. Donald Trump, who has been likened to “a coked up toddler with Tourette’s,” is a reflexive, impulsive liar with very little self control. I’d still take Hillary over The Donald , but it… Read more »