SIO66: North Korea and the REAL Trump

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With the leak of some phone call transcripts we discover that the REAL Trump is…… the same Trump we’ve seen this entire time. There’s no real Trump, there’s just Trump. I go over some of the absolutely horrific details of these phones calls, then I talk about how Tillerson has gutted the State Department at the worst possible time, and all that is just as we face a nuclear North Korea! Fun times!


The Call Transcripts; Understanding Trade Deficits; Australia-US Refugee Deal; Gutted State Department Source 1, 2, 3

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I think as far as the leaks are concerned, they signal a worrying shift in norms that should be addressed and corrected, but in so far as they are happening in response to a presidential administration that is both unintentionally and deliberately undermining, exploiting, and ignoring norms, with far more substantial ramifications, the leaks are a necessary response. While I think you’re right to ask whether we’d accept these leaks coming from a Democratic president’s administration, for that question to yield relevant answers, we’d have to assume the Democratic president were doing as much to erode the public’s ability to… Read more »
St. Ralph
Having listened with great interest to Sam Harris’s conversations with Anne Applebaum and Juliette Kayyem, I really thought it was about a 50/50 proposition between Trump being a “coked up toddler with Tourettes” and him being an evil genius. I never actually believed Trump was the evil genius, but rather that Putin and others from the “Eastern Bloc” (like Manafort) were manipulating and coaching him in a technique that had worked for them where you just fill the airwaves with so much idiocy, bombast and half-truth that no one has the time or resources to track down each shred of… Read more »
Psycho Gecko
Eh, the real Trump was easy to see long before now. I got it in my head to at least give him some consideration once because he was able to get good people to work with him enough to pull together decent books. Then I remembered that he couldn’t even pull together a team that could stop him from tweeting inane bullshit. I mean, I’ve been surprised by Trump, don’t get me wrong. But that’s because when I think I’ve finally seen the depths of human stupidity, another layer falls away and I get to witness something as dumb as… Read more »