SIO62: Trans and in the Military with Sarah

Today I’m joined by not-her-real-name-Sarah, who is trans and is currently serving in the military. She is in danger of losing her job, given Trump’s recent tweets. She discusses a bit of the policy history and helps put these monstrous ideas into perspective.

After that, I do some commentary on some things including the fact that, yes, I’m outraged. Things are outrageous currently. But, if you’re really worried about the “whole transgender thing” being a distraction, make sure you’re still doing everything you can to stop Trumpcare here.

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St. Ralph
Trump LOVES being outrageous. That’s the whole point. By being outraged you are responding to him exactly as he intended and he loves it. Us being outraged makes Trump smile. Trump is all about sticking his finger in the eye of people he considers losers, so our outrage is an indicator of his success; he got the attention he was craving. I suggest becoming Trump deniers: “Donald who? The guy with the red afro at the burger joint? No? The duck in the sailor suit and no pants? Not him either? The tap dancer from the ’30s and ’40s? Not… Read more »
As much as I love the idea of a universal denial of Trump’s existence (genuinely, if I had access to a genie…), I think it’s important to remember that giving Trump what he wants (as gross as that makes me feel typing it) is perhaps a necessary side-effect of mobilizing and maintaining resistance. I’ve been having a similar discussion recently. I’ve had to force myself to recognize that as much as it seems like the Republicans are doomed to catch themselves in their own legislative zippers, their continued failure to pass legislation is partially the result of powerful and continuous… Read more »
St. Ralph
The “part of Trump [that] can only twitch to life if he’s tweeted something disgusting or monstrous in the last few minutes” is not “small;” it’s the bulk of his personality. That’s who he is; that’s what he’s all about. Think toddler with the family at the round table in the corner of Applebee’s who SHRIEKS at the top of their lungs every time the family’s attention wanders from them for a moment. While I think this “coked up toddler with Turrets” behavior comes naturally to Trump, I’m still not sure if it’s evil genius—as Scott Adams would suggest—or just… Read more »
I just want to add a comment in support of Oscar’s e-mail. This wasn’t something that I’ve given much thought, but I think he raised some compelling points. Regardless of whether common usage is making the term “triggered” more likely to be used in reference to “overreacting to a non-issue (likely from the internet),” the key point I took away from the e-mail is that the internet-people adopting the term has made it more difficult for people who rely on its more clinical meaning to ask for help, and to feel confident they won’t be ridiculed or dismissed for doing… Read more »
Hey Thomas, Oscar from the voicemail here. I wasn’t sure if I sent that email, and though it sounds like me and my opinion AND my name, it’s not in any of my emails sent folders… So unless I’ve forgotten an email account, it must be another Oscar. My thoughts; I am a huge believer in relative definitions – if a word shifts in its primary meaning, we have to go along with it. But then there’s the issue that all movements face, where this ‘memetic drift’ occurs and, for example, gamer gate went from outrage at gaming journalists to… Read more »