SIO57: Problems in Academia

Today’s conversation is with Matthew Facciani and Jeremiah Traeger. They’re here to educate us on some of the problems in publishing and academia! 

Matthew began his academic career in cognitive neuroscience and later switched to sociology where he is now finishing his PhD at The University of South Carolina. Currently, his main research area investigates why people reject scientific evidence. Facciani is also involved with secular and gender equality activism. His blog and podcast are both titled According to Matthew. @MatthewFacciani on Twitter.

Jeremiah is currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder; who has been involved in secular and progressive activism. He contributes to A Tippling Philosopher on Patheos. @jerbivore on Twitter  Here are some links Jeremiah covered:

Nature – Academic jobs not keeping up with PhDs awarded.

70% of scientists have failed to reproduce results.

Half of clinical trials left unpublished:

Statistical restraints on researchers that Nature is proposing:

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