SIO52: Democrats Should Be Happy About the Special Elections

Please share this podcast with any Democrat you witness losing their mind about the special election results. In reality, the trend is very, very positive for Democrats going into 2018 elections. I go into why. After that, we have a lengthy and most excellent voicemail segment. Listen in!

Our Brand Is Worse Than TrumpAnti-Pelosi Republican Ad; Lots of Info On Special Elections At Ballotpedia

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This was a helpful insight. I’m still concerned about how candidates’ idiosyncrasies affect turnout and regression to norms, but if this election spoke to Democrats gaining ground in a way that is sustainable, I can be happy about that.

Mike Samsa
Great episode, I thought the same thing. It’d be like if in the last year I suddenly decided to be a sprinter, trained really hard in that time, and somehow managed to make it to an Olympic final and lost to Bolt by a fraction. Yeah, it sucks that I lost but going from the couch to narrowly losing to the fastest man on the Earth is surely indicative that something important just happened… I think the cultural appropriation discussion over the last few episodes and listener calls has been interesting, but I think a lot of people are conflating… Read more »