SIO47: Conversation with a Critic on Bill C-16

It is immensely important to me that I do my best to engage with those who disagree, and in that spirit I present a conversation with someone who argued a lot with me on Twitter about Jordan B. Peterson and Canadian bill C-16. This conversation took place on May 4th, but with a lot of Trump news and some key interviews I kept the interview as patron only. Lots of listeners have requested its release though, and I think it’s also an inspiring and useful dialogue to hear. So at long last, I give you my conversation with @PithyJoe on the merits of bill C-16.

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2 Replies to “SIO47: Conversation with a Critic on Bill C-16”

  1. Thanks for the episode Thomas. I was considering becoming a temporary patron to hear this, and sent a hasty email before I heard it when I first thought you were about to post it.

    It’s a tricky issue to discuss. Or even name.

    Best skeptic show around.

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