SIO44: Debunking the Conceptual Penis Stunt with Eli Bosnick

Early for patrons! I haven’t recorded the intro and outro yet because I am going to record with James Lindsay later and that might change what I want to say. 

In the meantime though, for anyone who isn’t familiar, James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian pulled off what they and several HUGE names in skepticism later claimed was the next great Sokal Hoax: getting a bogus paper published in a Gender Studies journal. But who was the hoax really on? Eli thinks, and I agree, that unfortunately the joke was on the skeptic movement.


Other sokal hoaxes:

  • A US nuclear physics conference accepted a paper written entirely in autocomplete.
  • A trio of MIT grad students created an algorithm that creates fake scientific papers – in 2013 IEEE and Springer Publishing found 120 published papers had been generated by the program.
  • A paper entitled “Get me off your fucking mailing list” was accepted for publication by computer science journal.
  • A 2013 hoax saw a scientific paper about fictional lichen published in several hundred journals.

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Lichen Paper published in 45% of DOAJ publishers 

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