SIO42: Trump Impeachment Talk; Fox News Is A Fairytale Land Right Now

We’ve reached the point where it might actually be reasonable to talk impeachment. Can we let ourselves get carried away though? I don’t know. I’ve definitely got some thoughts on it for you! Also, I watched Fox News this week and it made me fear for the future of our politics….
But in happier news, Gad Saad was obliterated in the Canadian Senate while testifying about C-16. I play an amazing clip and talk briefly about it. Link below! After that, it’s my favorite segment, your voicemails!

Republicans Believe Comey Firing Had Nothing To Do with Russia; Presidential Poll Numbers; Great Politifact Article on Potential Indictment; Gad’s Full Testimony (The Last 3 Minutes Are Magic!!!)

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2 Replies to “SIO42: Trump Impeachment Talk; Fox News Is A Fairytale Land Right Now”

  1. It’s refreshing to hear you admit that intense irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton exists. Many folks in the PC/SJW bubble will not acknowledge it’s existence, much less its role in Trump’s victory. Trump’s victory is only inexplicable here in the progressive bubble in the US. Also, this visceral hatred of Hillary goes back to the ’90s. It’s a 25 year-old phenomenon that has long been visible and obviously so in the workaday working class world.

    Trump’s victory is the fault of every person of voting age in the United States. The right wing nominated and voted for a talking turd. The left wing nominated and ran the only person in the country capable of losing an election to a talking turd. And the non-voters and independents stood by and watched it happen. Outside of the country it doesn’t look like the “good” Americans inexplicably lost to the “bad” Americans. It looks like the American people—ALL of them—fucked up monumentally.

  2. It’s really not fair to blame non voters if they truly thought Hillary and Trump were the same on issues they cared about. If you were a Bernie supporter based on Wall Street issues you didn’t have a candidate to back in the general.

    Trump and Clinton were so far away from Bernie on that issue that they were virtually the same.

    I can’t wait for Thomas to lie about Jordan Petersons position again. That’s going to be iPhone breaking fun.

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