SIO342: New Study on Sedentary Lifestyle and Health

So many of us in this day and age are stuck at our desks, or at our homes, or both, and not getting enough movement. It doesn’t take a certified science thingy person to know that’s probably not great. But how bad is it? And what levels of exercise or movement make a difference? Find out!


Farrahi et al. (2022) Joint Profiles of Sedentary Time and Physical Activity in Adults and their Associations with Cardiometabolic Health, Matthews et al. (2021) Sedentary Behavior in US Adults: Fall 2019, Matthews et al. (2008) Amount of Time Spent in Sedentary Behaviors in the US, 2003-2004, Evenson et al. (2015) Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Patterns Using Accelerometry from a National Sample of US Adults, Pomeroy (Feb. 2022) Does Sex Count As Exercise? , METs for Common Recreational Activities, METs for 800+ Activities

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