SIO341: Does Belief in Astrology Correlate with Narcissism?

It’s a science thingy, but more fun! A recently published study claims that belief in Astrology correlates with some negative personality traits, like narcissism. But, is it a Good Science Thingy(tm)? Or did Mars being in retrograde cause the researchers to overstate their conclusions? It’s definitely one or the other!

Links: Andersson et al (2022) Even the stars think that I am superior: Personality, intelligence, and belief in astrology, Pew Report (2018) “New Age’ Beliefs Common Among Both Religious and Nonreligious Americans, YouGovAmerica Poll Report (2022) One in four Americans say they believe in Astrology, Mosher (1966) – Paper about sex guilt and belief in psychic abilities , Longest & Smith (2011) Finding about astrology belief prevalence in a cohort of millennials

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