SIO33: Thinking Clearly on Syria

I support Trump’s Syria strike against the Shayrat airfield. That is the punchline of today’s episode but I encourage you to listen with an open mind as I go through the reaction to the Syria strike, what different pundits and columnists and congresspersons have said, and why I think ultimately it was a good idea. There’s a lot of muddy and motivated thinking going on in our public discourse; I’m doing my best to go where the facts lead. And as always, I’m very open to counter argument! Here are some selected sources:

How Many Bombs Obama Dropped on SyriaBreakdown of Senate Support for the StrikeCongress Syria Statements 2013 vs 2017Blatant Republican Hypocrisy on SyriaOpinion Piece Alleging Liberals ‘Cooing’ Over TrumpShadi Hamid Avoiding Fallacies on SyriaPossible Anti-Trump Backlash in Special Elections

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