SIO3: Trump’s Cabinet: Filling the Swamp 2

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In this episode we cover more of Trump’s cabinet picks. This time we take a look at his nominations for Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Education, and Secretary of Energy. This isn’t funny anymore.

10 things to know about Sen. Jeff Sessions- Washington Post

Will Rick Perry Promote Science at the Department of Energy? -The Atlantic

Betsy Devos and the Plan to Break Public Schools- The New Yorker


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St. Ralph
Yeah, the point about the government not being a business is a good one. Thom Hartman harps on that a lot and he’s right. Businesses, particularly in modern day America exist to make a profit above all else. That motivation cannot exist in a government, or it sure as hell shouldn’t. It’s a whole different endeavor. Also, though I have never been a federal employee, I worked hand in hand with the Department of Energy as a contractor for decades. It is the Department of Energy that develops, manufactures, maintains and decommissions (when necessary) all of our nuclear arsenal—not the… Read more »
Some Guy
From what I’ve seen, Mattis is a complicated choice. I think it’s important not just to view this civilian oversight issue as a fun quirk of our legal system. Rachel Maddow did a pretty interesting segment on how the US would react if it saw an active/recently retired military leader take on the role of Minister of Defense in another nation (i.e., with extreme concern). It’s not something I know a lot about, but as I understand it, from a legal and political science perspective, this is a really big deal. As you noted though, this is complicated by the… Read more »