SIO294: The Hannah-Jones Tenure Denial is Worse Than You Think

Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer-winning journalist and developer of the 1619 Project, was appointed to a tenured professorship at UNC Chapel Hill. This is a position that is funded by the Knight foundation. However, a board of old white lawyers who happen to be the Trustees of the University, denied Hannah-Jones tenure, against the recommendations of, well… everyone who should matter in the decision making process. Many people have made bad faith arguments and whataboutisms, but Dr. Lindsey Osterman (tenured professor) is here to give us real perspective on it.

NYT: Nikole Hannah-Jones Denied Tenure, The 1619 Project, UNC Chapel Hill Faculty Handbook, Hussman School of Journalism Tenure ProceduresOpen letter from the Hussman faculty, “We Are Critics of Nikole Hannah-Jones. Her Tenure Denial Is A Travesty.”, Criticisms of her appointment, NYT note explaining revision of Hannah-Jones’s essay, NC Policy Watch’s Special Report on NHJ’s tenure denial

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