SIO292: More Weinstein and Heying Anti-vax Nonsense

It’s part 2 of our debunk of the disgraceful anti-vaccine garbage being spewed from the Dark Horse Podcast. It’s a YouTube show featuring two biologists who ABSOLUTELY should know better, but don’t.
Since I forgot links on part 1, here are ALL the links:
Two articles who interview experts about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines: 1, 2; Edited Fauci clip; Longer Fauci clip; Summary of WHO report on origins of COVID-19 pandemic; WaPo article about Joe Rogan; The Atlantic, The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man; Worst Year Ever, “Vaccines are Dope;” Absolute vs. relative risk reduction; Salk Institute news release about spike proteins study; That elusive full text article about spike proteins; CDC Chart of Risk By Age:; FDA, on Ivermectin; NIH, on Ivermectin; “Ivermectin and Covid-19: How a cheap antiparasitic became political”

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