SIO284: Debunking “The End of Gender” Part 1

Somehow, esteemed co-host Dr. Lindsey Osterman got through all of the terribly transphobic book by Dr. Debra Soh called “The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society.” Soh is someone with a relevant credential, which perhaps makes her anti-trans schtick even more dangerous. Within the text are kernels of truth about the science of sex and gender, but she abuses that science beyond recognition to defend cultural conservative norms. Lindsey has the breakdown for us, and it’s too much for one episode so look for part 2 tomorrow!

Links: (for both parts)

Proposal about the definition of “sex,Nature editorial responding to the definition, Teen vogue video on gender diversity, Myth of persistence, Response to Soh re: rapid onset gender dysphoriaOriginal study on ROGD, Transgender suicide, Review on current best practices in care of transgender youth

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