SIO273: Sam Harris is Wrong Again

Harris recently released another both sidesy “I’m the only rational one” podcast episode about the recent insurrection at the Capitol. While he condemns Trump and the right, he also makes a series of terrible arguments in the name of anti-wokeness. Lindsey and I are here to set him straight!
*note I said 2 Capitol officers were arrested. They were only suspended.*

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Lindsey’s Links: Reporting on police response to January 6th vs. BLM –WaPo, ProPublica, nbc news, Business Insider, Uprising: A Guide From Portland

Articles contextualizing the “bending the knee” moment during the BLM protests: Metro Times, WaPo

Reporting/video of police instigating and escalating violence in BLM protests: Drone Video of the BLM protest in Richmond, Guardian, CNN

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