SIO26: The Trump Administration and Russia – An Incredible Amount of Smoke

With a heavy news week full of depositions, testimony, odd press conferences and more, today I take a look at some of the evidence of Russia-Trump collusion and what it all means. Ok, what it MIGHT mean…  while trying not to descend into full on conspiracy theorist mode. It’s not exactly easy.

After that, I go into the details of a case Gorsuch decided that perfectly illustrates why the originalist/literalist method of jurisprudence leaves this podcaster cold.

Some sources used:

Politico Trump Timeline

Nicholas Kristof on Trump-Russia

Paul Manafort AP Exclusive

Greenwald Russia Article

Gorsuch Truck Driver Case

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There’s something so unsettling about Gorsuch’s constrained “golly gosh and goodness” persona during these hearings, especially given his judicial philosophy of inferring lawmaker’s intent even when the practical consequence of that is requiring people choose between not freezing to death and keeping their jobs. “I have deep empathy for this man” and “I have never considered what I would do in his position” are two statements that can’t be true in any meaningful sense. Also, in along with Senator Franken, Senator Whitehouse has been killing it during these hearings. And, if for no other reason than to further prove that… Read more »

St. Ralph

Hey, Trump promised that the “disastrous catastrophe” known as ObamaCare would be repealed and replaced with “something amazing.” Those were his exact words: “something amazing.” Well, if ObamaCare’s replacement is amazingly abortive and inadequate, technically, from an originalist’s point of view, he will have kept his promise. So let’s assume amazement until it turns out otherwise. . . . Believe it or not, one phenomena that occurs when a society is “over-terrorized” is numbness. Larry Ahrens, a talk show host from Albuquerque, visited Israel and did some live radio broadcasts from there in the early 2000s just following some bomb… Read more »