SIO24: Can We Rely on the CBO’s Projections?

Given the preemptive bashing of the CBO by Republicans and the subsequent release of a pretty damning score on the AHCA bill, I wanted to take a look at how the CBO did at predicting the effects of Obamacare. Is the Trump administration on solid ground when it says that the CBO is wildly inaccurate and partisan?

After that I discuss four very thought provoking questions I received in the voicemail segment!


CBO Basic History

Fact Check on CBO Predictions

More Critical Look at CBO Predictions

CBO Predictions for AHCA

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St. Ralph

Good show. You’re right on with your evaluation of Trump. I read that one reason Bannon had to be allowed to attend Nation Security Council meetings, even though ad hoc presidential advisers had not traditionally been part of those, is that Trump doesn’t have the attention span to get through a meeting like that. He needs one of his trusted “staff” there paying attention or half an hour later he won’t remember what they talked about. We need to be careful about cutting Republicans slack and giving them a pass on things as a courtesy or a “consensus building” tool.… Read more »