SIO229: Means Testing, #metoo, and Bernie Bros

It’s time for listener questions! It’s been far too long so some of these are older, but they’re very worthwhile to discuss still. First up, why do we prefer means testing for Yang’s UBI but not free tuition to public universities? Then, was there no evidence that Dr. Ford ever met Kavanaugh? Should Franken be able to make a comeback? Why do daycare workers make so little? (insert heated debate about Bernie supporters…) Then finally, some questions about inner monologue!

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One Reply to “SIO229: Means Testing, #metoo, and Bernie Bros”

  1. That Bernie Bro discussion was just as frustrating as every Bernie Bro discussion. It felt like gaslighting (BBs aren’t that big a deal, it’s just a FEW people doing it…), but with the added bonus of saying that if you think BBs ARE a problem, you might just hate poor people. Fun!

    Also, Bernie may have “Socialist” in his title, but his policies regarding the economy are virtually indistinguishable from Warren’s. But she says she’s a capitalist. So who’s right? In fact, her proposed “Accountable Capitalism Act”, where 40% of corporate boards would need to be filled by employees, seems like it moves us more in the direction of workers controlling the means of production…

    …It’s just the word “capitalist” though, isn’t it…

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