SIO20: Can We Change Minds?

In today’s episode, after a few thoughts on the Trump address to Congress and his BS spending plan, the topic is “How to change people’s minds.” Haeley and I set about to do some research on a: how possible it is to change minds, and b: if so, what are the best methods? I take a look at and describe a number of studies that shed light on this issue, and the goal is to apply it to both the Dr. Price debate and any future debates! Have a listen and see what conclusions we reached!
After that I’ve got an extra long voicemail and response segment, since I didn’t do one last week. I had a ton of voicemail and I picked out some good ones to react to.

Here are the links to the articles/studies we referenced:

Paradoxical Thinking study

ChangeMyView study

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

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St. Ralph
You did as good a job as could be done with the Price interview. Standing in front of that fire hose of alt-right Republican talking points and not being blown over took a lot of equanimity and fortitude. One thing about changing people’s minds that you touched on lightly is, I think, a much larger factor. It’s the perception of the people holding the other point of view by the potential changee. For example, for my demographic (old fat bald white guys), I am very liberal. I’m for universal health care, universal civil rights for women, LGBT, minorities and everybody… Read more »