SIO199: The Problem with #Antifa

… is they get no credit for any good they do, and they get infinite sh*t for anything bad a masked person does, anywhere in the country ever. Today, the occupant of the White House tweeted that “ANTIFA” should be declared “an Organization of Terror.” Well, this sounds like a good time for me to deliver to you an episode I spent hours developing back when Andy Ngo was attacked by someone, but hadn’t ever recorded. So, here it is. Today’s episode is about antifa and how we ought to be thinking about them, how we ought to put them into context, and why no one should give a sh*t about Andy Ngo.

Links: Ngo Claims Brain Hemorrhage; Attack Video; Other Report’s Account; Disturbing Texts Between Oregon Police and Far-Right Group; Right-Wing Extremism Responsible for Every 2018 Extremist Murder; Right Falls for Its Own Fake Antifa Accounts; Disturbing Rape Case; My FB Post Where Medical Professionals Commented; Atlantic Article Epidemic of Disbelief; Police Shootings Database

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