SIO167: Studying Sexism and Video Games with Johannes Breuer

Johannes Breuer is the co-author of a study which looked into the relationship between sexist attitudes and video game playing. To be as precise as possible and not misrepresent it, here is what they found in their words: “We found that the amount of overall video game use at time 1 was not predictive of sexist attitudes/beliefs about gender roles at time 2 (i.e., 2 years later) and that (sexist) beliefs about gender roles at time 1 were equally not predictive of video game use at time 2 (for sample of German players aged 14 and older).” So that’s the bland tl;dr version, but we talk through the study, methodology, and what the implications are. We also talk a lot about what this study does NOT show, which is equally important and is easy to lose track of sometimes.

Here are the links to the book chapters where Johannes’s work is featured, and here’s a good writeup on the original study.

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