SIO16: Debunking Liberal Fake News

This week, Thomas talks about the recent increase in “fake news” coming from the more liberal outlets. From “spin”, to misinformation, to outright lies there are plenty of examples to choose from among recent headlines! Is this just what happens to the party that is not in power?

Thomas also tackles some Trump updates and some listener voicemails.

Atlantic interview with the managing editor or Snopes

New York Magazine article on possible election hacking
538 article debunking it

Washington Post Article about State Department Resignations
CNN article debunking it

Woman dies because of Trump’s “Muslim Ban
Follow-up debunking it

Police Raid and burn Tipis at Standing Rock
Debunked here, here, and here.

Bill Maher and Piers Morgan Clip


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Trump’s comment on Putin has been rattling around my brain. On the Majority Report, Michael Brooks noted that a key distinction between Trump saying that and Chomsky saying essentially that (aside from using it as a political tactic to avoid questioning about Russian connections) is that Chomsky’s implicit assertion is that we should stop enabling those killings, whereas Trump’s seems to be that we should embrace it, or at least not rock the boat (at the absolute most charitable interpretation, Trump is suggesting we shouldn’t throw stones, because we lack the moral high-ground). I was content with this distinction, until… Read more »


On the one hand, I want to applaud your attempt at being fair and balanced. On the other, I think if you going to be fair and balanced, you should say something about Trump’s use of the label “fake news” to whitewash any story that is critical of his administration. I think Jake Tapper did a great job of doing this:


Piers wasn’t wrong about the muslim ban in the broadest sense. It was a ban on muslims from 7 countries. Piers Was playing semantics I think. As for saying calm down when it comes to hyperbolic claims he is right. Calling everyone right of Lenin a nazi is hysteria and needs to stop. I think that was what Piers was trying to say. I also agree that lost to election for the democrats. What Hillary did was ran against Trump based on how horrible he was but never offered policies that inspired democrats to vote for an alternative. This has… Read more »


Vandana Shiva is not a geneticist. You did not answer that part of his voice mail. Her PhD is in philosophy, makes her talk on GMO on the level of Answers in Genesis on evolution.