SIO158: Why Skeptics Should Believe the Kavanaugh Accusations

In this episode, I walk through all the evidence, testimony, and witnesses we have for the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. I believe that after applying a skeptical lense, any rational person would have to conclude that Christine Blasey Ford is almost certainly telling us the truth about what happened. I also walk through a few of the most egregious examples of patriarchy bull sh*t responses to the accusations.

Some important sources:

Original WaPo Story; NYT Reporting on Accusations; Brilliant Slate Piece by Lili Loofbourow; Franklin Graham Wins Worst Person; Mark Judge is Horrible; Republicans Not Making Judge Testify; Kavanaugh is a Liar; Kavanaugh is a Worse Liar; Christine Ford Forced to Move; Friend Corroborates Story?

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