SIO130: Is Antifa Winning?

Recently there have been a few articles to this effect, because of something Richard Spencer said in a video. What should we make of it? On this show, this topic dates back to the Nazi punching debates of yesteryear, but was reinvigorated what a local antifa group interrupted an event at King’s College of London featuring Carl of Akkad and someone named Yaron Brook. Here’s a video that shows most of the scuffle. At the time I condemned it as not the way to solve things. I stand by that. But I also think I haven’t given antifa a proper shake. So this episode seeks to do all of that and to do my best to find what I think the proper balance should be. It’s quite a tightrope walk! Here’s a fantastic Philosophy Tube video on antifa, and a quick Vox one as well.

Also I’ve got quite an important show announcement at the end.

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