SIO117: Jaclyn Friedman on Yes Means Yes, Feminism, and Sexual Liberation

Today I’m joined by Jaclyn Friedman! From her website: She is a writer, speaker and activist, and creator of the hit books Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape (one of Publishers’ Weekly’s Top 100 Books of 2009, and #11 on Ms. Magazine’s Top 100 Feminist Nonfiction of All Time list) and What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex & Safety. Her podcast, Unscrewed, is paving new paths to sexual liberation, and was named one of the Best Sex Podcasts by both Marie Claire and Esquire.

Check out these articles she has written, in particular: Vox Article on Aziz Ansari; New York Times Opinion on Consent

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One Reply to “SIO117: Jaclyn Friedman on Yes Means Yes, Feminism, and Sexual Liberation”

  1. This was a really engaging interview. I’m excited to check out Jaclyn’s podcast. I enjoy hearing her thinking on sexual liberation and look forward to being challenged on whatever unexamined attitudes I have that turn out to be problematic. 👍

    I also thought the two voicemails you played last time that you referred to in this episode were insightful and brought up interesting points about some of the systemic influences that contribute to this. It seems like the solution is both really simple, and also unknowably complex.

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