SIO110: No, Steven Pinker Isn’t Alt-Right (but he’s still wrong…)

*I mention Eiynah as the one who sent me the video. I just want to emphasize she had the full context and I didn’t mean to imply she was spreading the fake news version without thinking. She has a great thread on it here.

Recently, an edited video circulated and caused an uproar among liberals. It features Steven Pinker seeming to praise the intelligence of the alt-right and asserting that there are certain “truths” to be found there. Is there more to the story? Always. But it doesn’t mean he isn’t still wrong about stuff. I talk about that video and a few others of his that I’ve analyzed, including an incredibly frustrating one called “Why Do Progressives Hate Progress?” (this video features absolutely zero examples of progressives hating progress.)

Full Redpill Video; Free Speech Video; Progressives Hate Progress Video; PZ Myers Post; Quora Article on Larry Summers; Pinker’s Self Confessed Political Leanings; Shaun King on Why US Isn’t the Best; US Life Expectancy Down; How Liberal Are Professors; BREW CITY BENEFIT!!

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