SIO106: Thinking Rationally on Cenk Uygur’s Past Sexism

… and another great round of your voicemails! A website called unearthed some old blog posts by Cenk Uygur in which he wrote some alarmingly sexist things. He has since apologized and emphasized that he doesn’t believe those things anymore. Here is their article and here’s the biased Gateway Pundit Article. How ought we to evaluate something like this in the wake of the #metoo moment? I have a lot to say about that, and about the cynical, bad-faith attempts on the right to both claim #metoo is a witch hunt, but also to use it when it pleases them.

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4 Replies to “SIO106: Thinking Rationally on Cenk Uygur’s Past Sexism”

  1. Don’t worry about the Chronicles thing. Seemed funny at the time to reference one of the most boring episodes of T&theB. Regretted it shortly after I committed to it … sigh.

  2. On the topic of “nobody says that”, I agree that you should avoid using that phrase because invariably someone with a moderately prominent profile is saying it, which opens you up to having your credibility shot down with a single example of said person saying it. I would suggest throwing an “almost” in front of it in future.

  3. I watch TYT on a semi-regular basis. It’s fair criticism to say that Cenk is “old-fashioned” especially when it comes to gender stereotypes and norms. With that said I’ve seen a sizable shift in his attitude and comments about sexual abuse, harassment, and assault stories where he’s far more understanding and far less likely to make as crude of jokes and he did in 2010 (though he still does on occasion.) I think he’s at least done a good job of creating an environment for himself where he has surrounded himself with people who push back on his bad behavior, even on air if need be.

  4. Not to make light of his comment about the female teacher but I think it might have been reference to South Park. That was pretty much the premise of the episode.

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