SIO1: Chris Shelton; No Longer Atheistically Speaking

The podcast name change is officially underway!! It’s going to take a little while for everything to filter through, but as you should already be noticing, things are different. Joining me for episode 1 of Serious Inquiries Only is multi-time guest and everyone’s favorite ex-Scientologist Chris Shelton! Check out his website here.  Chris was recently the target of a Scientology hate-page, which is something of a badge of honor, but is also a very odd thing to go through. We find out just what Chris has been up to in the past year since we last spoke to him which prompted such a response from the church!



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  1. Thankfully your graphic had the URL in the logo. I was able to find the new website. ITunes does not allow my kind of people onto their site.

    Humm so you started the numbering from scratch. Oh well I guess it will work. I”m one of those strange people who packrats away the podcast and stores them on my hard drive. That way I can listen to them even when I don’t have a Net connection. I don’t have cable and I don’t watch over the air TV, Just podcast and YouTube.

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