AS302: Andrew Torrez and Cognitive Dissonance!

Here’s the 3rd and final part of my episode 300 spectacular! Joining me first is Andrew Torrez from the little known fledgling podcast Opening Arguments! First we do a little reminiscing, then a segment where I try to play the lawyer and he plays the questioner! Finally, we discuss the hate speech law that Jake brought up in his segment.

After that, it’s my great podcasting friends Tom and Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance!! As I always say, these guys really gave me my start and I owe them a ton, so I’m very thrilled to have them here for the final part of AS300!! We have a discussion on Twitter and free speech, where Tom shares some thoughts that have been percolating for him lately, and Cecil shares a great story about someone who blew up at them online but later met them in person…

Thank you SOOOO much for 300 episodes, and for all the support over at!!! You guys are the best!

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