SIO34: Did Assad Use Chemical Weapons? – Debate with Nanar

When Nanar came on the show a few weeks ago to discuss the background of the Syrian Civil War, we all learned a lot and the response was great! After messaging back and forth about the Sarin attack of April 4th though, it became clear that we disagreed on who the likely culprit was. So, Nanar agreed to come on and have a bit of a debate about it. In my opinion, this was about the best possible kind of debate – where we both genuinely care about the truth of the matter more than scoring any sort of debate points. Along those lines, I’ll include all of my sources and the sources Nanar sent for your consideration below. I’m very curious to hear where people land on this question!

Thomas’s links: New York Times Breakdown, Guardian Piece First Reporter on Site – BEST SOURCE, How the Alt-Right Was Fed a Narrative by Russian Media, NYT on Assad Motives, Washington Post on US Gov Debunking Russia Story

Nanar has written his evidence into research paper form. Check it out here: Proof-why-its-not-chemical-attack-by-gov

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Why wouldn’t USA wait after second chemical strike?
Obama put forth effort to congress to
Bomb Syria gov. But did not happen.
Obama warned them. Trump backed up the warning. Simply as that. We already waited before.


The French and the Brits came to the same conclusion. Both were independent investigations. The is really silly for a person to deny.



I want to be clear that I don’t find the arguments against Assad’s government using this chemical weapon to be at all compelling. That said, I think throughout this discussion, both Thomas and Nanar assumed a kind of competency, cautiousness, and a respect for consistency on the part of the Trump administration that feels completely unearned. Why would the Trump administration make unfounded allegations or outright lie about intelligence if they knew they might get caught and face legal/political repercussions? Maybe they don’t expect to get caught. Maybe they fail to appreciate that making claims about intelligence is a different,… Read more »