SIO29: The Syrian Civil War, with Nanar

Joining me today is Nanar, who was referred to me by listener and friend Chantelle. Nanar grew up in Syria and lived there until 2016, and as such has very personal insight to share with us on the civil war that has been taking place since 2011. Who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? Well, as with most things in life, that simple answer doesn’t really exist..

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2 Replies to “SIO29: The Syrian Civil War, with Nanar”

  1. Jeremy Scahill’s podcast, “Intercepted”, had a pretty good episode which addressed the shift in military policy under Trump. The episode was titled “Trump Declares War on the Planet” (the title is in reference to climate policy).

    They report that Trump has removed some constraints regarding rules of engagement, and that has resulted in a shift in attitudes about targeting standards leading to an increase in civilian death tolls. Estimates are that the US has killed over a thousand civilians in Iraq and Syria in March, and in one 36 hour period, dropped more bombs than in all of 2016.

    As far as understanding suicide bombers and the recruitment process, I’d suggest reading ‘The Way of Strangers’ by Graeme Wood. I’m not sure if it comes up in the book (I haven’t finished), but I remember hearing a piece on NPR that suggested a correlation between potential and failed suicide bombers (interviewed in Israeli detention centers) and Avoidant-Dependent personality disorders, symptoms of depression, and (unsurprisingly?) suicidal ideation. I can’t really speak for the research, but the way it was presented, it seemed as if their take was that charismatic recruiters exploit people who are vulnerable, and give them purpose, validation, and acceptance.

  2. Great episode. Depressing, because I don’t see a solution, but great information. Thanks to both of you.

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