SIO2: Trump’s Cabinet: Filling the Swamp

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In this episode, we start taking a look Trump’s picks for his cabinet members; beginning with his choices for Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury. Just to be sure we have some perspective, we go over the job descriptions and look at some of the individuals that held these positions during the Obama and G.W. Bush administrations. You might say we have some concerns…

Will ‘drain the swamp’ be Trump’s first broken promise?- Politco

Rex Tillerson, an Aggressive Dealmaker Whose Ties With Russia May Prompt Scrutiny- NY Times

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Pick is a Lucky Man. Very Lucky. -ProPublica


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SIO1: Chris Shelton; No Longer Atheistically Speaking

The podcast name change is officially underway!! It’s going to take a little while for everything to filter through, but as you should already be noticing, things are different. Joining me for episode 1 of Serious Inquiries Only is multi-time guest and everyone’s favorite ex-Scientologist Chris Shelton! Check out his website here.  Chris was recently the target of a Scientology hate-page, which is something of a badge of honor, but is also a very odd thing to go through. We find out just what Chris has been up to in the past year since we last spoke to him which prompted such a response from the church!




Sorry this one’s a little late, but Jake had a heck of a week that he’s going to tell us all about! Exclusive to you kind patrons!