AS153: An Atheist In A Catholic Church Portable Atheist, kind of. You’ll see. This weekend I had the unique experience of attending a Catholic wedding. It has been a while since I’ve stepped foot in a Catholic Church and it certainly was fascinating.

Also, we were set to do Portable Atheist but the selection was very short and not too amenable to being summarized on the show. So we’ll try again next time!

AS151: An Atheist In A Muslim Country

My guest this week is Adrian, who has appeared on the show a few times before. This time might be the most interesting yet, however, because Adrian recently moved to Malaysia. So, that makes him an atheist living in a Muslim majority country. He has a lot of really interesting stories and observations about what life is like there. Is it anything like you or I might have imagined? You’ll have to listen to find out!

AS148: Live Listener Feedback

Today I have two listeners on as guests to provide some feedback on the recent Elijiah T episodes. Some of my listeners reacted a bit negatively to Elijiah and I’m curious to find out why. Let’s see if I can find some answers!