SIO79: James Damore, Author of the Google Memo

On an episode of Dave Rubin, James Damore lamented the fact that no one on the left had been willing to have a long form discussion with him and that his previous ones had been edited to be misleading. So, I wanted to show that I, as a lefty, would be more than willing to have a long form, unedited discussion with him. Here is his original memo.

Here’s probably the best source of scientific refutations of his memo. Google Unconscious Bias Training I referenced. Really good source on sexism in tech.

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12 Replies to “SIO79: James Damore, Author of the Google Memo”

  1. Jesus Christ, James Darmore is ridiculous. I’m about an hour 15 mins in and I am amazed at his completely jumps around and keeps changing the subject. It’s like the perfect example of whataboutism.

  2. Thanks for getting Damore as a guest.

    I listened to the whole thing, and it was more boring…I guess…than outright controversial as far as interviews go. I’m not saying you were necessarily boring, but Damore was only substantively challenging or replying about half the time, and wandering about verbally the rest. He seems like a smart, level-headed person with their head in the wrong place, and seems to be guilty of a blind form of discrimination. He, at least from this interview, does not seem like someone who goes around really pushing his perspective as gospel. Now, I haven’t heard his other interviews, so maybe he’s a total ass, but he didn’t come off that way here.

    But I digress. Thomas, give yourself more credit: at one point you said you guess you were the far-left side of the argument. Don’t label yourself like that; being generally correct on the facts isn’t a matter of left or right. Don’t give them a reason to dismiss you because others make the mistake of attributing your views to a specific political perspective on the grounds of simple disagreement.

    1. What are you talking about,Thomas complete misunderstanding of computer science as subject just shows that you people don’t know anything about the subject you are talking about. The reason women are less in CS is because after 85 you could use C to code an algorithm,before that coder was basically a calculator job. Look at the list of Turing awards almost all men,they are the reason why you have internet,dynamic programming and AI. Also these things weren’t coded properly back then,it was all theory. When powerful computers came boys started coding powerful algorithms and it changed the field forever. CS is a maths subject with a heavy emphasis on theory,unlike nonsense called social science. Almost all the major research in CS was done during 50’s and 60’s in universities like MIT or Bell Labs and those institution were mostly men.

  3. Apparently this Thomas character never heard of behavioral sciences. He mines the one or two professionals in the field who sort of disagree with Damore, when the overwhelming majority have no problem with the claims made in his memo. I also love it when he says “why do you keep saying ‘many people’ think something?” when he himself is a walking example of everything Damore is referencing. You think it, ya dink! The most salient point I’ve taken from this is the kind of embodiment of the Begging The Question fallacy Thomas works with – he already knows all of the mainstream leftist claims are good and correct (not), and everything follows from that false assumption. Then he keeps demanding evidence for everything, when he has exactly none to back his claims. It’s Kafka bizarro world writ large. Then he says “you’ll have to give me sources”. It’s in the Fing memo, FFS. Ask any psychologist. Any!! Then he says “do you have support for that?” Really? Thomas hasn’t supported a single claim he made.

    And can anyone believe what a huge bigot this guy is? White fragility?? Can you imagine if he said Black anything? Of course not. He also thinks whitesplaining is a credible thing. What a dick. Ideas stand outside of melanin, you intellectual toddler.

    Look, he’s just not a fair-minded operator. You either think what Big Tom thinks or you’re stupid and subject to his disrespect and scorn. An awful, confused fellow with no interest in pursuing the truth and what is objectively true. Terrible conversationalist too. Zepps positively destroyed him.

    I’m not even a big Damore fan. I just don’t think he said anything offensive, and I’m 100% positive that the entirety of the leftist press straight up lied about what he actually said in his memo. AFAIC, that’s the most important part of the whole story. Damore is obviously not a sinister bigoted, mean person. I cannot say the same thing about Thomas. Hate to run into that goon at a party. Crap personality is crap.

  4. Your patience is tremendous. How do you put up with his doofus for almost 2 hours. I hope he doesn’t get a dime out of his lawsuit against Google.

  5. I’m late to the game, but well done, Thomas! You were polite, courteous, and professional. One thing I wish would have been expanded upon is what Damore means when he says ‘disenfranchised’ when talking about young, white, men. When he talked about them joining the KKK because they had been ‘disenfranchised’ my head just about broke my desk. When he talked about the social support the KKK provides by ‘forcing companies to hire certain people’, I would have loved to have him understand that yes, the KKK probably did do that, by excluding people of color. He is confusing privilege loss with ‘disenfranchisement’.

  6. According to him, men are more stress tolerant than women at work. However, he was the one who got extremely stressed about the diversity training and politics at Google to the point he couldn’t focus on his duties as a SWE.

    If he was a status-driven, goal-oriented, stress-tolerant software engineer, why would he have spent a month or so writing and circulating the memo? Who has time for something like that in real life?

    For one thing this guy didn’t even major in CS and SWE. He’s a biology major. He said to David Pakman that he’s not passionate about coding and he still doesn’t know what’s best for him at this point. Lack of passion is the biggest reason he said that women drop out coding. So following his own theory, he was going to drop out of coding too. He wasn’t qualified to be there at Google by the standard he set up himself.

    That makes me wonder, why does he care so much about who gets to do coding? Why was he so much into “fixing” the culture at Google?

    Maybe he had other agenda.

  7. Around minute 12..
    reason for people joining a gang. Thomas.. your argument is wrong. People join gangs for the brotherhood they get there, the fraternity, the respect and because they have a common anger against some other group (the other gang, police, or other race). I know people who have joined small gangs and I have watch the documentaries. “Economics reason”.. you mean the Mafia, Mobs. But street gangs fight with other dudes, they steal, kill and get high. By saying that is their income source sounds like you are somehow justifying what they do. KKK is as bad as any of these latino gangs like the Salvatruchas in Cali and other gangs all over USA and LatAm. They are both cruel and bad. Don’t draw a line.

  8. At around the 1:01 mark, you said affirmative action points given to minority college applicants is extremely small and, hence, insignificant. But a few minutes ago you were arguing that a computer model showed that a one point out of one hundred advantage has huge results. Which is it? Do very small benefits have big results or not. Pick a position and stick with it.

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